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January 28th through April 17th, cheap 2016!


Running Time: 1 hour and 50 minutes (with 10 minute intermission)

Directed by Carlo Lorenzo Garcia
Richard Cotovsky as Don
Spenser Davis
as Bobby (March 6th until April 17th)
Rudy Galvan as Bobby (until March 5th)
Stephen Walker
as Teach (until March 20th)
Mark Vallarta
as Teach (March 24th until April 17th)

You make your own right and wrong.

During a single day in an unremarkable junk shop on a nondescript street in Chicago in the mid-70s, remedy three small-time would-be crooks scramble to pull off a fast heist for easy money. As they plan the unlikely caper, an increasing tension between them tests their friendship and threatens to shatter everything they fight for. Hilarious and appalling, this brute race for a lowlife version of the American dream is brilliantly syncopated by Mamet’s rapid-fire two-bit bum’s lingo.

The production team

Stage Manager: Rick Keeley
Set Design: John Holt
TD: Michael J. Sanow
Lighting Design: Claire Sangster
Costume Design: Sarah Jo White
Sound Design: Joe Court
Fight Design: David Woolley
Original Music: Little Howlin’ Wolf
Design: Jake Fruend

Press Snippets

“‘American Buffalo’ a fitting outsider’s farewell for Mary-Arrchie” – Chicago Tribune (???)

” As tensions mount and harsh words turn to harsher blows, the play feels like a bomb that could go off at any second. It’s raw and intense and vulgar and funny. It makes it all the more sad to see Mary-Arcchie turn out the lights” – Crain’s Chicago (Editor’s Pick)

“Whether you have experienced Mamet’s seminal masterpiece many times before, or number among the few theatergoers seeing it for the first time, be assured that your final climb up the stairs to the loft above the grocery store will lead you to what may be the best production in its long history of defining “Chicago-style theater” to the world.” – Windy City Times

“Honest, funny and thoroughly absorbing, it is with strong recommendation that I urge theatre lovers to catch this final production from this talented company in their apropos farewell.” – BUZZChicago

“The play belongs to him and to Cotovsky, fathers to the unvalued who become great in the act of forgiveness. Just as Mamet’s viciously precise use of language turns “cunt” and “fuck” into the wit of American diction, so does his play disguise the love between men as a variation of violence.” – NewCity (RECOMMENDED)

” Under the orchestration of Carlo Lorenzo Garcia, players Richard Cotovsky, Stephen Walker and Rudy Galvin take advantage of their intimate playing space to carefully pace their text so that our attention is focused, not on verbal showiness, but on the ethical values under examination.” – Windy City Times

“This is a superb cast well directed by Carlo Lorenzo Garcia that will be the final chapter in a 30 years life of a small theater company that” chugged along like the little train that could”! This company did!” – ?????Around The Town

“AMERICAN BUFFALO is the perfect finale for Mary-Arrchie to complete its storefront theatre reign. It’s Mamet’s Chicago.And it also showcases a solid company collaboration with the trifecta of Cotovsky, Galvan and Garcia. Well done, gentlemen!” – The Fourth Walsh

” if you want to experience classic Chicago theater, get over to the corner of Broadway and Sheridan this month and climb the stairs to the scruffy home of Mary-Arrchie Theatre. There you can see their outstanding and final production of a Chicago classic, David Mamet’s American Buffalo, set in a junk shop on the north side of Chicago. You can see it the way a storefront production should be seen: sitting five feet from the stage, possibly endangered by flying spittle or stray props.” – Third Coast Review

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