Home Society and History10 Celtic Symbols and Meanings Explained (Guide of 2020)
10 Celtic Symbols and Meanings Explained (Guide of 2020)

10 Celtic Symbols and Meanings Explained (Guide of 2020)

Recently, more and more people are showing their interest in the Celtic knots and the Celts religions. Learning the meaning of some Celtic symbols also means learning their culture. If you are a novice to the Celtic culture, this piece of blog post is to show you some basic explanation to some Celtic symbols.

Thousands of years ago, the Celtics brought the Celtic cross and Celtic knots to Ireland. There are multiple designs of the Celtic knots now but they all have the same roots and their meanings are somehow alike.

Celtic Cross

One of the most famous symbols must be the Celtic Cross. Being introduced to Ireland around the early Middle Ages, this symbol now becomes the most recognizable amongst other Celtic symbols.

The original crosses were made from wood and metal. They had smaller sizes than the Irish carved pillars that archaeologists have found. Originally, people carved it into stones. As time goes by, they started to build Celtic Cross stone.

There will be a circle and four long spikes to make a Celtic Cross. The four arms present the four main directions (north – south – east – west). Another explanation is that it presents the four basic elements which are earth, fire, water, and air.

 Celtic Cross Celtic symbols


Berch symbol is for the lovers. It is made from two triquetra symbols symbolizing the everlasting love between two people.

Celtic Tree of Life

The tree of life is one of the most common symbols we can see in a pagan culture. Nearly all of the religions will have a tree that symbolizes something universally great. For the Celts, they combined the knots with the tree. The knots will run from the roots to the top branches of the tree presenting the connection between the Land and the Sky. It also states that all things on this Planet are well connected with each other.

It also states the Celtic belief in balance and harmony when the Earth and the Sky can reach each other. Sometimes, if we turn the symbol upside down, we still see the same symbol.

The Celtic Tree of Life symbol stands for strength, wisdom, longevity, connection with ancestors, and protection.

The Ailm

The Ailm is a letter from the Ogham Celtic alphabet. It become one of the most powerful strength symbols in the Celtic belief. The strength the Ailm offers revolves around the inner strength of one individual. The Ailm symbol presents resilience to hardships as well as healing and health.


The triquetra is now gaining more and more popularity in modern times. Many people now love to wear jewelry featuring the Celtic Triquetra knots. This is the ultimate Celtic symbol of love, especially the family love.

This symbol has no ending and no beginning. Because of this, it is believed to become the symbol of family love. It cannot be broken.

Dara Knot

Another symbol of strength calls the name of Dara Knot. There will be many knots intertwining into this symbol. Its name derived from the traditional Irish word “Doire” meaning the Oaktree. This Dara knot is symbolic of the oaktree’s roots and the inner strength inside us.


This Triskele is also a famous Celtic symbol. Many scholars claim that it first appeared during the Neolithic times (about 3,200 years BC). The three “legs” of the symbols present the Celtic belief that is everything important will come in three. They are the clockwise spirals all of which meet in the center.

For the clockwise design, Triskele is believed to symbolize progress and individual strength.


Another famous symbol for the Celtic enthusiast. Shamrock is the symbol of a three-leafed plant. It stands for love, faith, hope, and good luck. This symbol is closely associated with Saint Patrick. Because St. Patrick once used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity. Although there are three parts, they came as a whole.


Claddagh is the symbol of unity and love exchange. Although it appears later in Ireland, it now becomes a favorite symbol for loyalty and unity. Therefore, many people intend to make their wedding rings based on Claddagh symbols. Some people believe that a Claddagh piece of jewelry should not be bought for yourself. Rather, it should be given to others as a gift.

Motherhood Knot

This symbol might look like one person doing meditation. But actually, this symbol presents for the Mother with Kids. It symbolizes the enduring love between the mother and the child as well as the ancestors and offspring.

Celtic knot

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