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Viking Temple for Thor and Odin Unearthed in Norway

Viking Temple for Thor and Odin Unearthed in Norway

The Vikings have always been fascinating people all around the world. Recently, we have discovered an ancient Viking temple that sheds light on the Viking religion. We might think that the Vikings were only brutal warriors who wielded the ax and plundered and raped. But that is what the silver screen wanted them to be. Whether all of this stuff was historically precise remains a mystery. The Viking temple unearthed recently revealed a lot about the Viking culture and religion.

Viking Early Settlement and Viking Temple

A group of archaeologists from the University Museum of Bergen discovered a massive site on the Ose farm next to western Norway. The archaeologists believed that this belonged to an early Viking era settlement dating back to 1200 years ago.

However, what excited them the most was that house was a pagan temple. This is one of the first traces about the Viking house of worship in Norway to reveal itself from the earth.

The dimensions of this ancient Viking temple are approximately 46 feetin length, and 26 feet in width. The original structure may have been as high as 40 feet. It was supported by wall posts, which were very sturdy. The interior of the building lacks the typical double rows of roof-supporting posts in its construction, commonly observed in the contemporary three-aisled longhouses. In the interior archaeologists found the remains of four large posts some 12 feet apartĀ  that supported the roof.

Viking God House

This Viking temple was different from a typical longhouse. Few Viking temples also reveal themselves, such asthe temple at Tisso in Denmark. The Vikings used these temples to worship and sacrifice. The Vikings, in their times, had a lot of sacrifing events for their gods, either to wish for weather or to wish for a smooth sail. The worshippers must have made dedications to wooden statue of Thor God of Thunder Storm, Odin the Allfather, Freyr God of Fertility, etc.

Several cooking pits were around the structure. The animals that the Vikings sacrificed later would become the meals for the worshippers. People at that time might have a very good mood for they were having a lot of eatings and drinkings. We can also see these feasting stories from Norse mythology where all gods would assembly and feast and chant. A Viking sacrificial feast involved blood of sacrificed animals over the walls, statues of gods, and all the worshippers.

Viking temple
Viking temple

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