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Egypt Anubis: God of Underworld and Death

Egypt Anubis: God of Underworld and Death

Even if you have no ideas about who the Egyptian gods are, chances are that you have seen a human with a jackal-like head. And every time you see it, you think about Egypt. Indeed, it is a distinct characteristic of Egyptian culture. And that figure was Egypt Anubis – god of underworld and death.

First Dynasty period first mentioned Anubis. But some later research believes that he appeared before then. In the ancient Egyptian language, people called Anubis as Anpu or Inpu. This word meant “the royal child”. Some scholars also called him “nub-tA-djer” meaning the lord of the sacred world.

Egypt Anubis
Egypt Anubis God of Death and Underworld

One ironic truth was that the archaeologists and literal researchers found no evidence of Anubis’s temple. Even though he was the god of death and underworld. In any mythology, god or goddess of the death dominated an important part of the story. But by far, there have been to worshipping temples of Anubis. Instead, the scholars believed that Egypt Anubis’s temples are tombs and cemeteries.

Like other mythological gods and goddesses, Anubis could either help humanity or punish them according to his will. One of the roles of Anubis was “the Guardian of the Scales”. Legends had it that if someone died, they had to meet up with Anubis first. During the meetup, Anubis would use a special scale for

Anubis with the legendary scale to weigh the hearts of the deceased
Egypt Anubis with the legendary scale to weigh the hearts of the deceased

weighing the heart of the deceased. And he would measure whether that heart could enter the eternal life or not. He was a kind of fate decider.

The color that often associated with Anubis was black because it was the color of isolation and rebirth as well.

The main role of Anubis was to embalm the body, to guide the souls, and to protect the tomb. According to mythology, Anubis helped Isis – wife of Osiris – to embalm the husband killed by his brother. And the priests that mummified the body wore masks with a jackal face. Then some said that the organs of the deceased became the gifts for Anubis. And this later became the tradition of giving him some body parts.

For centuries, many people curse the tomb robbers to be punished by Anubis. Because they dared to touch the holy places of the god and they deserved punishment. And those who lived a good life would receive unexpected gifts from Anubis.

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