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Human Bone Wall Found in Belgium

Human Bone Wall Found in Belgium

Recently, archaeologists have informed about the discovery of a human bone wall in Belgium. This once again caused controversies as to whether we should excavate them or not.

So everything happened around Saint Bavo’s Cathedral in Ghent. It was not simply a grave with a skeleton of one deceased. It consisted of multiple of them which built up a wall. Yes, the materials of the wall were human bones. This marked the discovery of the most unique in Belgium.

According to the archaeologists, the wall was made mainly of the thigh and shin bones of adults. They also found the skulls inside the space of the bones. Many of the skulls were shattered.

Human Wall Bone uncovered in Belgium
Human Bone Wall found

The upper level of the wall were full human skeletons. This made the archaeologists came to the conclusion that the graveyard was still in use after the construction of the unique wall.

People are working to construct a new visitor’s center in the cathedral. The center is to celebrate the Jan Van Eyck altarpiece, the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb.

According to the project leader, the discovery of such a burial has been the first one. But this will never become a tourist attraction so the bones will be moved to other places.

The bones appeared to date back to the 17th and 18th centuries.

One more important question is why the bones were in such kind of position. The scholars explained that the wall must have been built when the graveyard was being cleared. For example, people at that time wanted to make room for the new ones so they had to clear the old ones.

Because as a rule, the skeletons cannot be thrown away. Even that person is no longer, their skeletons are something important in a faithful lens.

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