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Solomon the Wisest King: Background and Throne

Solomon the Wisest King: Background and Throne

In English, we have the word “Solomon” referring to a wise man. The origin of this word has its roots back to the time of Solomon the Wisest King.

King Solomon was the fourth or the third ruler of the United Kingdom of Israel. Solomon appeared in many texts like the Hebrew Bible, the Quran, and the Hadiths. He was also a king whom people respected in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Wealthy and powerful as Solomon might be, he ended up in tragedy. His kingdom was split into two and people saw this as a punishment from God.

Background of Solomon the Wisest King

Nearly all things about the Wisest King came from the Hebrew Bible. Legend had it that Solomon was the son of King David and Bathsheba. The woman named Bathsheba was a wife of Uriah the Hittite – one of the generals under the reign of David.

It was Uriah was away on a mission, David from the rooftop saw Bathsheba bathing and he fell for this beautiful woman. With the power he had, David managed to have Bathsheba and made her pregnant. Knowing that Bathsheba was the wife of Uriah, Kind David attempted to kill Uriah in an indirect way. He placed Uriah in the front lines and his comrades deserted him during combat.

When Uriah died, David married Bathsheba. The first son of this couple died, unfortunately. And people around thought this was a punishment from God for David. Later, Solomon was born.

Solomon King

Solomon Took the Crown

Solomon was not the natural heir apparent of King David. Because Solomon was not the eldest son. When David was about to leave this world, his court had some civil conflicts. The two main contenders were Solomon and his older half-brother Adonijah. This brother was the one to take the throne as David heir apparent.

As David was on his deathbed, the older brother of Solomon was about to declare his title as the King. Prophet Nathan, Solomon’s supporter, warned Bathsheba about this and they conspired to have David proclaim her son as the King. Their plan turned out to be successful.

Adonijah later was put to death. Solomon then replaced all of his opponents and made the supporters in power, consolidating his control.

When Solomon was sure that inside the kingdom was secure, he turned his attention outside the kingdom. As a rule of thumb, the king always wanted to form an alliance. One of his first steps was form a strong alliance with Egypt by marrying the daughter of Egyptian Pharaoh as his primary wife. This promised Solomon with the military might from the side of Egypt.

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