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Templar Tunnel: Mysterious and Strategic Passageway of the Order

Templar Tunnel: Mysterious and Strategic Passageway of the Order

The Knights Templar have become one of the most famous medieval orders. Back in their time, the Templar held important roles whether in military, religion, and economy. Scholars believed that it was the Knights Templar that initially formed the banking system in the world. But the more powerful they became, the more hatred and jealousy they got for themselves. Then their doom days finally came when false accusations were made and nearly all of them were dragged to the stake and burnt to death. Some of the legacies that they left included the Templar Tunnel. This secret passageway has been lost for 700 years and now become a historic attraction.

The Templar Tunnel

The mysterious Templar Tunnel is now in the city of Acre, Israel. Many scholars believe that the modern State of Israel actually refers to the ancient Holy Land in the medieval world. The Knight Order built this underground passageway. When Acre fell into the hand of Mamluks in the 13th century, this tunnel was pushed into oblivion. It was not until 1994 that a woman discovered the tunnel beneath her house.

Inside the Templar Tunnel
Inside the Templar Tunnel

Acre Under Siege

In 1187, Jerusalem lost to the hand of Saladin of the Muslims. This marked the time that the Templars lost their headquarters.

In 1189, Guy de Lusignan king of Jerusalem launched a campaign to attack against the Saladin army. They marched against Acre and managed to put the city under control. The army of Guy de Lusignan was also joined by the participants of the Third Crusade from Europe.

Around the end of the 1190s, the city became the new capital of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Then the Knights Templar quickly had their headquarter there. Some literal texts by the Templar survived and they pointed out that the fortress by the Templar in the southwestern of the city was the strongest one in the city.

The Templar fortress stood on the western end of the Templar Tunnel. However, this fortress is no more physically. Standing now is a lighthouse as the monument.

Fortress of the Knights Templar
The Lost City

April 1291 marked the fall of Acre when the Mamluks of Egypt captured the city. And a month later, the city fell to the hand of Muslims. These people ordered to burn down all of the structures, walls, fortresses, etc. so that the Christians could not use them again. Accordingly, the power of Christians in the city of Acre faded until the end of the 18th century.


Regarding the Templar Tunnel, its existence fell into oblivion for centuries. It was until 1994 that people learned of the existence of this mysterious tunnel.

In that year, a woman found herself in trouble with the blocked sewage. And when she had the problems checked, they quickly realized what had been existing under their house for such a long time. Not only was it well structured but it also held many historic values.

Then the site was investigated and here came a restoration for this site. The tunnel then was cleaned, and lights and easy walkways were added.

In 1999, the tunnel was open to the public and now it has become one of the most popular city’s tourist attraction.

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