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The Meanings of Ancient Spirals

The Meanings of Ancient Spirals

Spirals are one of the most ancient symbols appearing in ancient artwork long ago. Many of them could have dated back to the Neolithic period. Simply saying, they even appeared thousands of years before writing appeared. Although we know little about the true meaning of them, we can guess the general meanings of ancient spirals.

Newgrange tomb

The scholars list Newgrange as one of the most famous site featuring spirals in the ancient time. Newgrange is in Ireland. It is a large mound construction by humans with stones and earth.

Newgrange monument has influenced many people’s way of thinking when it comes to spirals. That is many believe spirals present the cycle of rebirth. Some believe that spirals are the symbol of the mother goddess who in ancient time related to the underground chambers. This might have been interpreted as the symbolic wombs.

Entrance to Newgrange
Spirals in the entrance to Newgrange tomb

Symbol of woman

As mentioned above, the spiral is a symbol of feminity. It represents not only women but many traditional things associated with the women as well. Besides lifecycle, fertility, and childbirth spirals present intuition and some internal concepts belonging to the women.

Symbol of nature and wildness

People often find spirals and circles in nature. Shapes like triangles or squares are somewhat man-made things. Those triangles and squares are more likely to appear in the mechanical and urbanized world. Spirals are more primal, raw, and untamed.

Meanings of Spiral
Spirals in cosmos

What’s more, people in ancient times were aware of the natural cyclical force like monthly lunar patterns, yearly solar, and seasonal ones.

Symbol of change

Simply speaking, life cycles and cycles of the natural world foster change. The old things must die and the new things will come. It is a natural selective process. For example, a human was born growing up then dying. But there will come more generations and generations. The spiral in this context is not a symbol of stagnation. Instead, it is the symbol of change and progress.

The spiral is a good and healthy symbol. It reminds us to accept things that come. What has to come will come. That’s rule and life is all about acceptance. Once we accept things happening in life, our life will be much easier. a

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