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3 Napoleon Achievements, Other than Military Success

3 Napoleon Achievements, Other than Military Success

According to the history record, Napoleon was one of the most influential figures of all times. Napoleon Bonaparte was a son of a minor noble French family and rose to his power to become the Emperor of France in 1804. He studied a military school and quickly applied what he studied and his talents into real combats. This future French Emperor proved himself a military genius when he was still young. But other than military success, there were some more things he achieved during his reign. This blog post focuses on three Napoleon Achievements that we believe make a change.

Napoleonic Code lay foundation for equality around the world

A leader must be the one who had a vision while other didn’t. And Napoleon was this type of leader. Many attempts to bring a civil code failed during the revolution. The first decade of the 19th century, around te reign of Napoleon, he brought about the fresh code with which he hoped to bring his nation forward.

The Napoleonic Code found its cornerstone in the idea that “must be based on common sense and equality rather than on custom, societal division and the rule of kings”.

Napoleonic Code
Napoleonic Code lay foundation for the modern civil laws

Moral justification was no longer in the han of God or a monarch (in this case an emperor). Instead, it was rational and just.  Compare with the modern laws, Napoleonic Code was far rudimentary. But back in the time, the French Civil Law was revolutionary. It served as a template around the globe.

The laws came in act in 1804 across the whole France.

Many nations who wanted to shift into modernization through legal reforms found themselves with the Napoleonic Code. This made Napoleonic Code one of few documents that significantly influenced the world.

The Rosetta Stone as Napoleon Achievements

In 1797, Napoleon was on an expedition to seize Egypt in order to cut off British trading routes to India.

Napoleon to Egypt and found Rosetta Stone one of the greatest Napoleon achievements
Napoleon to Egypt

What Napoleon brought to Egypt was not only troops of soldiers but also groups of scientists, engineers, and scholars. This campaign promised to achieve something great. And it turned out to be true.

Maybe because Napoleon knew about this land was full of heritage, he brought groups of scholars with him.

And yes, they found the Rosetta Stone. The discovery was made by Captain Pierre François Bouchard. The stone turned out to be a text by a group of Egyptian priests to honor the Egyptian pharaoh. It listed out all things that the pharaoh did for the priests and the Egyptians.

The Rosetta stone study
The Rosetta stone study

Napoleon Educational Reform

Every emperor would focus on improving the business environment and commercial and industrial sectors. For Napoleon, as many scholars believed, he wanted to started everything from the youngest generation. The most easy way to get them under control was through educating them. Whether his initial motive was to cement his power or not, Napoleon made some success on educational reforms.

Napoloen founded many state secondary schools, known as lycées. These schools were to standardize education across France. Through the power of education, Napoleon aimed to build a strong and modern France. He focused the upcoming elite generation would be masters in science, math, military, and political sciences.

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