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Horrific History of Birthing Royal Babies

Horrific History of Birthing Royal Babies

Commonly, whatever a royal family does, it attracts the public attention. The birthing royal babies is no exception. But what we can see about the birthing royal babies is just a tip of an icebergs. Back to decades ago, birthing royal babies was truly a nightmare to the mothers because of superstitions and other royal-family-orientated reasons.

Nowadays, if a woman from royal family delivers a baby, her room might be stuffed with gifts, cosy decorations, and notes from her beloved ones. And she doesn’t have to be exposed to the chemical assistance during the labor.

Birthing royal babies in the past

In prehistory, birthing was deeply associated with superstitions and religious beliefs. For example, the Ancient Egyptians cast spells on the pregnant women for either to ward off negative power. The Ebers Papyrus put the hemp soaked with honey or a handful of ground corn inside the vagina of the woman. They believed that this method could induce the labor process.

Ancient pregnant woman of Greek would have poultices tied to their thighs to ease the difficulty when giving birth. The room of the pregnant Ancient Greek women would have no knot because they believed that knots would block the birthing process.

For the royal family in England, the mothers would have to temporarily disappear from the public view. Because they couldn’t wear restrictive clothes like corsets.

Pliny the Elder who was a Roman author contributed a lot to the birthing of royal women in his time. He often appeared to offer advice on birthing child for the King.

He suggested that the birthing hurt could be reduced when the mother drank the goose semen with water. And if it was not effective, that woman should drink the liquid from uterus of a weasel. And if the mother still suffered the pain and the baby was yet to be out, then they should burn the fat of the hyena beneath the mother and the child. If all failed, the placenta of a dog should be put on the woman’s thigh.

Many people watched the labor

One more thing about the process of birthing royal baby was that this process would be observed by many other people of the royal. In the past, a rumor stating that King James II and Mary of Modena had a baby who died when born. And they had snuck a replacement baby instead. This rumor led to Glorious Revolution in 1688. From then, every royal birth had to be witnessed by other royal members and several government ministers. They had to see the umbilical cord being cut.

Queen Marie-Therese of King Louis XIV of France went into labor in 1st Nov 1661. As soon as she showed the signs of labor, her quiet room was immediately filled with Dukes, Princesses, and Countesses.

Room filled with people watching the labor process of a Queen. That is the real birthing royal babies process
Room filled with people watching the labor process of a Queen

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