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Plastic Bottles Killed Ancient People? It’s Time to Go Green

Plastic Bottles Killed Ancient People? It’s Time to Go Green

A recent scientific report, ancient Native Americans in California could have made their own plastic bottles. Unfortunately, they didn’t know how dangerous the substances they were using to create the bottle were. The scientists have found out that the bitumen in the making-plastic process was a dangerous substance to the ancient Native Americans. And surely, plastic bottles killed.

What is Bitumen and how dangerous this substance is?

Bitumen is a black sticky substance consisting of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Commonly, we will catch sight of this word in the road construction. Consumption or overexposure to this substance for a long period is believed to cause cancer, hormone imbalance, organ impairs, etc.

The native americans allegedly used bitumen to create their water plastic bottles

Health effects because of the bitumen in this day and age are documented commonly. But hardly people talk about bitumen in the ancient world. A group of scientists informed that they have found out the health decline and high death toll of the ancient Native American in California related to their overexposure to the PAHs. However, the scientific proof so far is yet to be enough to completely support this theory.

Remains showed Native American’s health problem

As the archaeologists stated, the Native American used bitumen in many daily activities and processes in their life. For example, they used bitumen as the burning material to produce the signals. The archaeologists believed that the Native American used bitumen to create their own water bottles. What people at that time did not know is that such types of bottles could damage their health.

The examination into the remains of the ancient Native American revealed that they suffered health problems in their final days.

By far, this remains a suggestion by a group of archaeologists. When they announced their findings, some other archaeologists showed their disagreement. Those who disagreed noted that such exposure was not enough to kill a large number of Native Americans.

But the archaeologists who support this suggestion continue to support. They claim that it is hard to tell how much the Native Americans in California exposed to this substance. And they are yet to figure out how much of this substance to kill a person.

Whatever the conclusion can be, we are now aware of the plastic danger. Because plastic bottles killed. It’s time to go green then.

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