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The Most Brutal Torture Methods That Scare People Off

The Most Brutal Torture Methods That Scare People Off

Human history is full of ways to execute or torture the victims. Even in this day and age, we are still using some kinds of torture occasionally. But generally, what used to be “ordinary” in the past becomes barbaric these days. Such savage ways to torture can be the modern reconstruction only. Below are the most brutal torture methods in the past and we should be grateful for living in the 21th century.

Breast ripper

Popular in┬áBavaria, Germany around 1500s, the breast ripper doesn’t need many words to explain. This most brutal torture method could be a death sentence to any women. Indeed, the breast ripper was a punishment for the women who were accused of facilitating their own miscarriage, partaking in adultery, or being a witch.

Breast ripper as the most brutal torture methods on the women
The breast ripper on display in the museum

They (who carried out the punishment) would use the iron instrument with four claws at the end. Then they put the instrument in the fire to heat it up, then pulling it out to apply it onto the breast of the women. If she did not die because of blood loss, the moment she got through this punishment would haunt her till the rest of her life.

Rat torture

A pit of snakes would make anyone faint immediately which meant the pain would not be felt. But a container full of rats would mean the ultimate pain. As we know, rat are the creatures that will chew anything that hinder them in the way. People in the past made use of this characteristic of the rat to torture the victims.

Rat torture modern reconstruction
Rats were put on the belly of the victims and they would force the rats to eat the victims alive

They put the rats on one container which they placed on the belly of the victims. And encouraged them to eat the victim alive. How to encourage? One ancient account told that the torturers would place something hot above the container. This force the rats to find way to escape. And these little cute rats had no choice but eating the belly of the victim.

The breaking wheel

One thing we are sure is that the inventors of the wheel didn’t intend to turn the wheel into a means of torture. But the next generations did turn the wheel among the most brutal torture methods in the history.

There were two famous way to torture with the wheel.

The first wheel execution was to tie the victim to the spokes of the wheel. The executioners would hit the limb of the victim until their final death.

The breaking wheel as among the most brutal torture methods
The executioners would place the victims on the wheel, wheeling it and hitting each limbs of the victims

The second method was to turn the wheel around the bones of the victims. What these executioners liked about the process was to listen to the breaking-bone sounds.

Whether the victims were dead after the executions or not, they would be left there for the insects, rats, and birds to feast.

Blood Eagle

The Vikings who lived in the Scandinavian regions from the 8th century to 12th century had a no less brutal way to torture their victims. The surviving texts told that its name was blood eagle and the whole process was to imitate the eagle’s wings on the back of the victims.

Viking blood eagle
Viking blood eagle

The executioners would place the victims on the protrusion of the wood or rock and carry out the torture. They started with the knife slicing the back of the victims until the bones revealed. Then they would break and pull out the ribs of the victims. The victims endure the pain alive and sometimes the Vikings rubbed the salt onto the wound. The lungs of the victims would be pulled out as well.

The Vikings carried out the Blood Eagle on their enemies as a sacrifice to their gods.

Water torture

As the name indicated, the water torture was using water to execute the victims. The executioners would force the victims to drink the water without stop. This was, of course, against the will of the victims. Until the World War II, the Japanese carried out the water torture on the soldiers of the Allies. This most brutal torture deprived many people of their lives.

Glasgow Smile

If you watch Batman, you are likely to know Joker the sworn enemy of Batman. We might ponder the question: what happened to the mouth of Joker?

Indeed, it was the Glasgow smile that was carried out on the face of Joker.

The glasgow smile of joker
The Glasgow smile of Joker

The executioners would leave two small cute on the corners of the victims’ mouths. As they continued to beat or stab the victims, the cut would extend the wounds to the ears. The scar would follow the victims till the rest of their life. And in case the wound was not treated carefully, some would die because of severe infection or blood loss.

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