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Cat Mummies Discovered In 6000-Year-Old Egyptian Tombs

Cat Mummies Discovered In 6000-Year-Old Egyptian Tombs

If a competition about who love cat the most existed, the Egyptians would win the first prize. The archaeologists excavated dozens of cat mummies and statues within seven ancient unopened Egyptian tombs. These sites are next to the Pyramid complex in Saqqara near Cairo. This becomes a strong evidence for the Egyptian cult of cat.

According to the archaeologists, three of the tombs belonged to the cats. Meanwhile, the other four tombs were unopened. Archaeologists now say the cat mummies dated back to the time between 717 BC and 332 BC.

Egyptian cat mummies
Archaeologists studied the massive cat mummies

So far, there have been 10 cat mummies excavated there. The archaeologists also found out wooden statues with the decoration of gold. Many of them might date back to the same time. A bronze statue presenting Egyptian goddess Bastet in the form of the cat also appeared in the tombs.

In the Egyptian belief, Bastet was among the most influential goddesses. Because she was the feline goddess who often protected the humanity against the infliction of venomous creatures like snake and scorpions. Bastet was the Egyptian goddess of domesticity, home, women’s secret, cats, and fertility.

Cat mummies found inside tombs dating back to the time of Egyptians
Cat mummies were found with statues of other animals

Many of other discoveries also appeared within or next to the complex. The archaeologists dug out statues depicting a lion, falcon, cow, crocodile, and even cobras. Remains of the human mummies also revealed themselves from the excavation. They also found out daily household items like baskets, ropes, and jars.

Animal mummies by Egyptians
Cobra mummy
Egyptian animal mummies
Crocodile mummy
Egyptian artifacts found with cat mummies
Human remains inside the tombs

Archaeologists are still working on to figure out what the stone engravings inside the tomb say.

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