Home Art and cultureMarduk: From an Obscure Figure to Babylonian Chief God
Marduk: From an Obscure Figure to Babylonian Chief God

Marduk: From an Obscure Figure to Babylonian Chief God

We might not stop to wonder who Zeus and Odin are for their successful modern adaptation into movie. But we might wonder who Marduk is. Marduk was the chief god of Babylonian Pantheon. He was the son of father and mother of Babylonian gods. Quickly he rose to his power becoming the Babylonian chief god. Marduk once fought against his parents to defend the humanity. He put an end to the chaos and brought on peace to the land of Babylon. In the Biblical time, Marduk help protect and free the Jews. His greatness should live on just like that of Zeus and Odin.

Family Background

Marduk (pronunciation: mar-ru-tuk) was the ancient Babylonian chief god. His name means the bull calf of the sun. Around the 18th century, Marduk started to rise to his power as the head of the Babylonian Pantheon. He was often associated with water, vegetation, magic, and judgement.

Ea and Damkina were respectively his father and mother. Ea quickly realized the superiority of Marduk and then handed the humanity for him to oversee. The association with magic of Marduk derived from his father Ea.

Babylonian Chief god Marduk
Statue of Marduk the Babylonian Chief God

As early as the 19th century BC, Babylon had a certain source of political power. But it was not until the 18th century BC that Babylon overshadowed other Mesopotamian kingdoms. And from that on, the cult of Marduk started to influence. Marduk finally defeated the glory of Enlil, ancient Mesopotamian god and also chief god of Sumerian Pantheon.

Enûma Elish and Marduk

Enûma Elish “When On High” was Babylonian creation mythology. It focused on the power of Marduk and the creation of the humanity as the servants of gods. In Enûma Elish, a civil war was about to happen among the gods. Marduk at that time was a young god. He volunteered to fight the battle and was promised the position of the Babylonian chief god.

After winning the battle, Marduk gained his dominance in Babylonian Pantheon. He also created a new order suggesting that the humanity became the servants to bear the burden so that gods would be at leisure.

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