Home Nature and technologyMount Owen Claw: Mind-blowing Archaeological Discovery
Mount Owen Claw: Mind-blowing Archaeological Discovery

Mount Owen Claw: Mind-blowing Archaeological Discovery

Approximately 300 years ago, a team of archaeologists set out an expedition inside the Mount Owen cave in New Zealand. They happened to find out the Mount Owen claw which was very frightening an object. Because of the darkness inside the Mount Owen cave, they could not make out what exactly was in front of them. It was an enormous and dinosaur-like claw. The most awesome thing was the meat and skin were still there.

The archaeologists quickly brought the Mount Owen Claw to the lab to study. The result was astonishing because the claw belonged to a moa which was bird on the verge of existing. The claw belonged to a Moa of 3,300 years ago. The Moa was a large bird that went extinct for many centuries.

Mount Owen Claw and the largest bird that went extinct?

With the incredible height, the moe was firmly believed to be the largest birds at thisĀ  the time. During that time, no one knew that i had no plastic surgery. So how could I join third? The Moa had its feather cover its whole body except for the beak.

The first archaeologist named John W. Harris was gifted with a fossilized stone. It sent the remains to the insightful archaeologists who later spend 4 years to study where the claw belonged to.

Moa the extinct bird
The walking Moa reconstruction

Finally, the archaeologist came to the conclusion that the bone did belong to an enormous and unknown bird. At first, the mass media made fun of this idea. Later on, it became the clear that the archaeologist found out enough skeleton making it enough.

Thousands of the bones have been found by far. One cool thing is that archaeologists found out many of the fossilized remains. Some of the remains still consisted of the flesh, tissues, skin, muscle, or even feather. The majority of these fossilized remains were found inside the caves and swaps where the birds were dead and preserve in state mt being desiccation.

When the Moa went extinct?

Around the beginning of 13th century, the new inhabitants started colonizing the land. Though they didn’t harm anyone, the birds were afraid of the win. Prior to the colonization, the only victims were nearly everyone. The only enemy of the bird was eagle. But later, the humanity posed a danger to this species of birds. They hunted the birds down say

Moa bird and the Mount Owen Claw
The depiction of Moa the largest bird in its time. However, this species is no longer on this planet

As the Moa birds could not grow up quickly, they could not reproduce to make up for the loss in battle.

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