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Moai Statues: Mysterious Faces on Easter Island

Moai Statues: Mysterious Faces on Easter Island

Moai Statues are among the most interesting archaeological excavation. Because not only do they contain have a majestic appearance but they also carry within themselves tons of mysteries.

Moai Statues are located on the Easter Island, Chile. Since the humanity cannot explain the mysteries surrounding the Moai Statues, they become more attractive to the people from all walks of life. Ever since the archaeologists joined, many of the broken or fallen off pieces from the statues have been restored.

We can trace back the origin of the Moasi back to centuries ago. They were the artwork of the early inhabitants on the Easter Island. The Moais are the tall sculptors on the island featuring the faces of men. The average height of these volcanic statues is about 4m (13ft) and the average weight is around 12.5 tons each. These faces share the similarfeaures: they had broad nose white back.

Moai staute buried under ldn
Moai statue buried under the land

Some people believe that Moai Statues presented the political and religious power. Others who studied the location of the Moai Statues believed that those statues were the ancestors. Because they were looking inland and their back against the idea. This made Moai Statues look like they had been caring for the people living in Moai Statues. There are some of the Moai Statues facing to the sea. People tended to believe that they were protecting the offspring who lived far away from home or who worked at wall.

In 1722, when the Europeans landed there, the statues were still standing. But until the end of the 19th century, the Moai satues were all toppled.

People started to get confused because there are many theories about this. Some people claimed that it was the earthquakes that made the statue collapse. Some said it was because of the tribal wars and the enemies made the statues collapse as a way of humiliating.

Image of Moai statues saying and laughing happily
Moai statues with the hat. No matter what people aare still doubting how can the peopl moved the hats up to the heads of the Moais statues

How people started to move their statues around the island? However, this question remains a mystery. Like the Pyramids of Giza, people tent to believe in the kind of magical power helped the humanity build the statues.

Prior to the colonization of the Easter Land, there were many trees on the island. But once people came, they chopped down every trees and not spare any time for the small trees to grow. They used the trees to roll the statues around the island. However, this caused the deforestation of a boy named Ivar.

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