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Genghis Khan: Infamous Founder of Mongol Empire

Genghis Khan: Infamous Founder of Mongol Empire

Genghis Khan has been one of the most infamous and brutal emperors of all times. He was the Emperor of Mongol Empire in the 13th century. This empire was among the largest in history. By the time Genghis Khan died, his empire took over the majority of territory in China and the central Asia. His army even traveled as far as Keiv which is Ukraine in this day and age.

The warrior in Genghis Khan could defeat ten warriors from the enemies’ sides. The warriors of his army was as strong as himself. What astonishes us the most is the fatality during his reign. Genghis deprived 40 million people of their lives which occupied 11% of the world population of the time. The total death toll during the World War II reached around 60 – 80 million people which was 3% of the world population at that time.

The Childhood full of horror built the infamous man

Image of Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan didn’t allow anyone to draw him and his portrait was only revealed after his death

It is not the parents that influence the child the most. It is the childhood experience including parents that affect the children the most. What I try to say is that Genghis would not have become so brutal if he hadn’t experience that was too much for a child to bear. Remember that Genghis was only 10 years old when he had to witness his father death and his family being abandoned. These were among the first elements that fueled his hatred and also empowered him with the strong will and the desire to become great.

His clan which once followed his father abandoned his family. His mother on her own raised Genghis and other six siblings of his. The harsh weather and hunger always found them at the door whenever the winter came. He endured himself with the strong will and resilience ever since. It was when he turned 14 that he fell into serious dispute with his half brother. He ended up killing his half brother for food and this was the first sign of the demon inside Genghis Khan when he was just a boy.

The clan of his enemies captured and tortured him making him become their slave. The hatred to slay his enemies and desire to gain the power overwhelmed him so much that he finally broke free.

Genghis Khan retrieved his power

Without the great alliances that he built with his father’s sworn brother and other heads of the important tribes, there would have been no great Genghis Khan. During his 20s, he became a skilled warrior and also a leader of a small army of his supporters. By 1200AD, he managed to get himself a small confederation. He shifted his focus into invading another land. His nomadic warriors traveled and captured the people on their way. The people they captured either became the warriors or the slave working force. Genghis used his slaves as the suicide troops to literally pay the way for his army by going ahead of his army as the defense against the enemies’ attack.

Image of Genghis Khan great emperor of mongol empire
Genghis Khan and his attack

Though he was a brutal man toward his enemies, Khan was a reasonable emperor within his land. He would not let his people starve and promised them a happy life as long as they followed his rules. If one living inside his land unwisely broke his rules, he would punish that person severely. For example, one governor from Khwarazmian Empire killed Genghis caravan’s traders, he immediately sent his army to Khwarazmian Empire and killed 10,000 people including the governor. Blood by blood was his motto and he would not ever let his people weep the bitter tears and suffer unfairness.

Khan wouldn’t miss any chance to observe his enemies suffer

One of the most terrible ways that Genghis Khan used to torture the enemies and prisoners was to spill the boiling metal down the throat of them and into their ears and nose. He wouldn’t refuse any chance to observe his enemies’ backbone being bent back.

In the Persian city of Merv, Genghis Khan once ordered that apart from 400 skilled craftsmen, all of the population would be killed by the morning break. He didn’t allow to spare any lives for any woman and child. Ant by the nightfall, the whole population suffered the execution. The land became deserted and the blood was shed all over the plain and river nearby.

Like every man, Genghis shared the same or even greater desire for women. During his time, he could have anything he wanted so he always wanted the women of the high rank and had the beauty that met his standards. He found his pleasure in sleeping with the wives and daughters of the chief from the enemies’ tribes. The beauty standard of beauty according to Genghis included the small nose, pearl skin, long silk hair, small hips, red lips, and sweet voices. He gave the points to the beauty of the women by carats. He would send nyone that didn’t meet his “carats” standard to his officers.

The Last Days of the Devil

Within 20 years, the empire of Genghis Khan took over the vast amount of territory in China and the central Asia. Like many ancient emperor, when one reached the certain point of political and wealth power, they desired the eternal life to live with their wealth forever. Genghis started to seek for the eternity pills from the Daoist priests. However, this ambition of his was never to be fulfilled. Because he died during his fight against the Tangut people whom he said had broken their solemn vow with him. His people brought his body back to Mongol. They kept him in the tomb which was relatively modest for such a great emperor. But the exact location of his tomb remains a mystery. Many theories are also put forward about his death and his tomb.

The great empire of Mongol Genghis Khan finally ended up being separated into states. Because the continuous disputes within the royal never seemed to stop.

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