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Top 7 Sumerian Gods: The Mighty Gods in Sumerian Pantheon

Top 7 Sumerian Gods: The Mighty Gods in Sumerian Pantheon

The Sumer was among the earliest civilization in the southern Mesopotamia. Like many ancient tribes, the Sumerians believed in their gods. The Sumerians were polytheistic meaning that they worshipped many gods and goddesses. Some sources claimed that the system of deities in Sumerian belief could consist of thousand ones. However, the most significant and mighty ones were just a small list. This blog post is going to discuss top 7 mighty Sumerian gods.

An: The First Ruler of Sumerian Gods

An or Anu was the first chief god of the Sumerian pantheon. He was the sky god or the Sky Father. An was the Lord of Gods in the Sumerian faith. Later, however, some other gods took over the power of An. Nevertheless, An still remained the same power and he continued to receive the respect from the humanity. For instance, when other god would take over the title “ruler of Sumerian gods”, they would be offered the anĂ»tu which meant “the power of Anu”. This showed us that An remained a prominent figure in Sumerian faith even though he was no longer the King of All Gods.

Image of Anu one of the mightiest Sumerian Gods
Anu the First Ruler of Gods in Sumerian Faith

Enlil: The Second King of Gods

Enlil was the son of An and Ki. He was the creator of the world (we can call Earth) by separating An (sky) and Ki (earth). He was the god of storms, winds, and air as his name indicated “EN” meaning “God” and “LIL” meaning “Wind”. Enlil was so holy that other gods couldn’t look him directly. Enlil took over the the role of his father to rule over the sky.

Image of Enlil the Sumerian god
God Enlil (right) was the son of Anu

Enki: The Creator of Man

Enki was one of the most popular gods in the Sumerian Pantheon. He was the creator of humanity and also the protector of the humanity. There was a tale that he warned the humanity about the flood that the gods were to create to wipe out the human race for they made so much noise. Maybe due to his protective characteristic traits, he gained so much respect and admiration from the Sumerians. The Sumerians associated Enki with wisdom, magic, and words. He was among the most prominent gods after Anu and Enlil.

Image of God Enki Top Mighty Sumerian Gods
God Enki

Inanna: Queen of Heaven

Inanna must be the first goddess for us to mention in the list. She was the god of love, sex, beauty, war, justice, and fertility. First the Sumerians worshipped Inanna and later the Babylonians and Akkadians worshipped Inanna under the name of Ishtar. She often appeared with the lions as her companions expressing the courage. Sometimes , people caught image of Inanna riding a lion as a sign of her being the king of the beasts.

Image of Sumerian goddess Inanna
Goddess Inanna

Other three Sumerian Gods

Apart from four gods and goddess that we mention above, there are three more dominant gods in the Sumerian Pantheon. One of them was Utu who was the sun god and the god of justice. At the early period of the Sumerian history, Utu was believed to be the twin brother of Inanna. The other important god was Ninhursag the Mother Goddess. She was the god of fertility, nature, and life. Additionally, Ninhursag was the protectress of women and children. The last figure in the list was Nanna who was the god of wisdom and moon.

Image of Sumerian Pantheon
Sumerian Pantheon

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