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Iron Age Facts

Iron Age Facts

Iron Age was the final period of the Three Age System. Prior to the Iron Age, the humanity experienced two periods that were the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. As people figured out the way to create harder metal for weapons, the popularity of stones and bronze reduced. This blog post is going to discuss some Iron Age facts.

Take a look at Iron Age Facts

1. Iron Age existed in the prehistoric time and appeared in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

2. In Asia and Europe, the age of iron followed the Bronze Age while the people in Africa followed the Stone Age.

Image of Iron Age life
Iron Age lifestyle

3. People in the Iron Age used alloy and steel to make weapons and tools. Because they were much cheaper but still harder and stronger than bronze materials.

4. During that time, people figured out that the iron was very good materials to make weapons, tools, utensils, etc. Because it could make into shapes. Hammering the stones was known as smithing.

5. The Iron Age was a stepping stone for many regions to develop technological advances. Metalwork helped the human with many work, especially making the farming much easier. Until then, iron was the best materials.

6. People living in Europe during the Iron Age were known as the Celts. They gathered into villages and their community had a ruler like a king or a queen.

7. Different regions had different starting time for the Iron Age

8. By the end of the Iron Age, the ancient people tended to live in the hill forts.


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