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Bronze Age: The First Time Human Worked With Metal

Bronze Age: The First Time Human Worked With Metal

Roughly 7500 years ago, people witnessed the fall of the Stone Age, specifically the Neolithic period. As people in Europe developed the copper smelting, stones became less favored during that time. Though people still used stones, they didn’t have to rely much on stones as their ancestors once did. People started to produce the copper tools and trade them across Europe. It was the Bronze Age.

Indeed, Bronze Age marked the first time the humanity worked with metal. Bronze tools and weapons started to replace the stone ones. Some great achievement took place during this time, especially the technological advances. Among great achievements were the creation of the writing system and the invention of wheel.

Bronze Age

The ancient Sumer was the first to civilization to add tin to copper and made it bronze. Bronze was, in fact, much harder than the copper. Then it became the favorite metal to create tools and weapons. Evidence from the archaeology suggested that the Bronze Age took place 3000BC. The invention of the bronze weapons and tools put an end to the glory of the Stone Age. Different places would have different periods to start their Bronze Age. For example, the civilization of Greece began their Bronze Age before 300BC while the China might have entered the Bronze period around 1700BC.

Iamage of Life in Bronze age
Life in Bronze Age

The very first sign of civilization of the Bronze Age was when people started to form the cities. And the Bronze Age was marked with the rise of the kingdoms and states. Generally, they were a big community living together under one government by a leader. Communities in the Bronze Age showed interactions with each other through trade, warfare, migration, etc. The Stone Age ended around 1200BC when people figured out a harder metal: iron.

The Civilization of the Bronze Age

Sumer: the Sumerians were the first to develop and apply bronze into their life. The Sumerians established a dozen of stated across the ancient Mesopotamia. Besides being the first to use bronze to make tools and weapons, the Sumerians pioneered the use of canals for irrigation. One cool thing is that the Sumerians were the first to create the first writing system in the world. Prior to the Sumerian, there were no recorded precursors. Its writing system was cuneiform script. There were artworks of literature during this time. The famous poem Epic of Gilgamesh with 3000 lines told the story of one Sumerian king battling with a monster in the forest and questing the secrets of eternal life.

Babylonia: Babylonia was also a famous civilization in the Bronze Age. They rose to their great popularity around 1900BC. The word “Babylon” means the Gate to the Gods or the Gate of the Gods.

Assyria: In the ancient Mesopotamia, Assyria occupied a major political and military power. The Assyrians expanded their land and waged war with the Hittite Empire of Turkey and Ancient Greece.


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