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Old Stone Age Paleolithic Period Facts

Old Stone Age Paleolithic Period Facts

Stone Age was the first period of human development in Three Age System. This Stone Age marked the times when the humanity utilized stone to make tools and weapons. Scholars agree to divide Stone Age into three periods: Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic. This division is based on the sophistication and the fashion of tools. The Paleolithic was the period recording the first use of stone into life. This blog post is going to discuss 10 Paleolithic Period Facts.

Below are awesome Paleolithic Period Facts:

1. The Paleolithic was the Old Stone Age. An archaeologist John Lubbock created the name “Paleolithic. The two compounds he combined were “palaios” meaning old and “lithios” meaning stone. So the word presents the Old Stone Age.

2. During the Paleolithic period, men were hunters and food gatherers. Because of this, their diet varied. Their food could include red meat, white meat, fruit, wild vegetables, nuts, insects, etc.

Image of Life of Paleolithic Period Facts
Life of Paleolithic Period

3. People in Paleolithic Period suffered less famine and malnutrition. Because during this time they stand between the wide range of food. Their source of nutrition was adequate. Later, when people depended on crops, there were limits upon their options for food. This is one of the coolest Paleolithic facts.

4. The Paleothic period witnessed the birth of religious and spiritual beliefs. Proofs for this were the cave art, burial sites, and human bones that evoked the thought of rituals.

Image of Paleolithic burial
Man of Paleolithic period buried in Sunghir, Russia

5. Paleolithic pattern and design on bones, caves, stones, etc. suggested that art developed from this period.

Image of paleolithic cave painting
Cave painting of the Paleolithic period

6. The gender role in Paleolithic was a topic of debate. Some people believed it was flexible. Others thought that men were hunters and women were gatherers.

7. For survival purpose, people of that time created tools and weapons. They included hand axes, stone-tipped spears, bows and arrows, etc.

Image of Paleolithic period tools
Stone tools and weapons in Paleolithic period

8. People believed that dogs were the first to be domesticated during the Paleolithic period.

9. The use of calendars during this time helped the humanity a lot. Because with the aid of calendars, they knew the migration time of the animals. This meant they knew what and when the animals were available for them.

10. The end of the Ice Age also marked the end of the Paleolithic period. When the earth became warmer, it unveiled the Mesolithic period.

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